Clara Martineau

A Distinguished Family

Another woman followed Ellen Pinsent both in being important in special education and politics in Birmingham.

Clara Martineau came from an important and wealthy Birmingham family.

Her uncle, George Kenrick, was Lord Mayor from 1908-1909.

Clara acted as Lady Mayoress, because he wasn’t married.

Clara’s brother, Ernest Martineau, was Lord Mayor from 1912-13.

Forging her Career

When Ellen Pinsent left her position as councillor in 1913, Clara was elected.

She also took Mrs Pinsent’s position as chair of the special education sub-committee.

We can see from the log books at Little Green Lane School (now Dame Ellen Pinsent School) that Clara Martineau went to the school often after Ellen Pinsent left.

Clara’s Legacy

Clara devoted her life to charity and improving education.

She died in 1932 while still only 56 and a working councillor.

In her will, she left money for a Clara Martineau fund to help children with special needs access education.

The Life of Dame Ellen Pinsent

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