The Mayfield History Champions

We are a group of students at Mayfield School working with CASBA, looking at the history of our school.

To help us with our research, we conducted a survey.  The survey asked questions that reflect people’s experiences and opinions of their time at Mayfield School.

One of the many questions that was asked was: “What three words would you use to describe this school?” Amazingly, many people said the same things, so we’ve chosen six words out of many that continue to fit the description of our school and they are “teamwork, supportive, enthusiastic, friendly, dynamic and family”. Doesn’t that keep us smiling?

One of the most inspiring things we found rewarding is that we continue to be creative and supportive.  We were hearing stories about our heroes who build an amazing foundation that we continue to enjoy this day. Our time with Joe and Jen has been an educational one; they have helped us to be confident with new skills when interviewing people, good listening skills.  Joe and Jen will be putting together our stories so you can relax and learn more about our school.

Written by Shakur Francis, Rashaan Herbert Robbins, Eesha Hussain and Joshua Soni

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