Pandemic Experiences – Hassanain, Rashaan and Shakur

We asked three of our oral history group at Mayfield to tell us how they’ve been doing over this difficult time.

How has the pandemic affected your schooling?

Hassanain: I started to do home learning at the end of March and I was sent three pieces of work as a warm up to see what I remembered so far. Then there were three or four pieces to complete each month until the end of the summer term.

Rashaan: I had to go through a lot in 2020 in order to have a successful year in Mayfield School and overcoming these challenges wasn’t easy. I had to do my schoolwork on the internet and do it on the paperwork. It was really difficult to adapt to it at first but, once I got used to it then I was able to it.

How did the whole experience feel to you, Shakur?

Shakur: Honestly, it felt like I’d woken up on the wrong side of the bed. When I woke up one morning, I discovered that every single restaurant, corner shops, barber shops were closed and wouldn’t reopen until it was safe to go out again.

Life back at home was really boring because I couldn’t go out to the shops or take the bus. I had planned a trip to Jamaica to see my Dad once again, but sadly all of those special events were put on hold. Premier League Fixtures, La Liga Fixtures, UEFA Champions League matchups were cancelled and postponed, and I had to live with it, because you can’t undo what’s happened already.

Was there anything good that happened during this time?

Rashaan: I had a lot of hope/ fulfilled dreams for 2020: these were maintaining the progress in my last year school into the 20/21 school year and keep on improving. I achieved my sliver Duke Of Edinburgh award and my Arts Award in 19/20 school year. I felt very positive about completing all of my Open Theatre work properly in the 19/20 year and completing all of my school work properly before going into lockdown and after.


Shakur: I was buzzing with excitement when I saw my friends and drama colleagues on zoom chat online. We had a discussion to talk about the highs and lows of COVID 19 and how it affected us from start to finish. Also, me, my mum and my little brother Spenser went on a family road trip to Gloucester in the summer to celebrate my big cousin’s 13th birthday in person!

Hassanain: In the summer holiday, I enjoyed having fun with playing games and doing the house chores every day. In August, I went to the local shop to get groceries and come back as soon as possible. In September I was getting ready to come back to school on the 7th to see my friends and teachers again.

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