students from Fox Hollies school

Fox Hollies Students talk about the project

Today, we spoke to Luci and Reece from our Fox Hollies group about the project so far and how they’ve found it:


“I like working with Casba.

I liked learning about the hospital, Monyhull. It was stories from years ago.

The stories were happy and sad at the same time.

I like learning about doing interviews. I interviewed Reece. He told me about his first day at school and his time at school.

We went to the library archive and looked at old things. I looked out the window and it was so high.”

Looking out of the library window


“I liked being interviewed by Joe and Luci. Luci was good at the interview.

I like talking and I like remembering things.

Learning about Monyhull stories was good.

Someone ran away because he was unhappy. Now he lives in his flat and he’s happy.

From a long time ago people’s stories were different – it’s good fun to know about them.

Learning about old Fox Hollies is good. They didn’t have much playgrounds at the old school. They didn’t have a lift because there was only one floor. They didn’t have an upstairs.

Fox Hollies School is 50 this year.”

Reece looking at photographs in the Library

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