First Drama Session

One of the highlights of the first Heritage project that we did was the drama performance with our group of actors, who all have Learning Disabilities, telling the stories we’d uncovered from Monyhull Hospital. The audience at our celebration event were all impressed and moved by their performance and their ability to interpret key parts of the story in their own ways.

Therefore, it was always going to be in our plans to include drama for the new project. This time it will be in two stages; firstly to demonstrate to the pupils in the schools we’re working with what the project is about and what can be achieved and then once we’ve collected the stories through oral history, we’ll again demonstrate what’s been learned for a wider audience at our end of project celebration at the University of Birmingham.

Everyone has powerful memories of their school days and our drama group are no different, so we will be creating pieces based on their experiences to help start the conversation at all the five schools where we’re working. With the help of our wonderful drama expert Lauren Jansen-Parkes, we’ll build the confidence of our actors and create something that will inspire pupils to get involved in telling more stories of Birmingham’s Learning Disability history.

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