Coming together

Yesterday, we held the first meeting of our steering group for the Education is Special project. I am delighted that we have such an enthusiastic group of volunteers working together to help ensure the success of this project.

We have two members that were also on the previous steering group; Sior Coleman is again representing the Trustees at CASBA, as well as offering his expertise from having worked in education, and Janet Kane from our Ambassadors group is now joined by Ann Cole, who attended two of the schools we are working with and can offer her experiences as a former pupil. Drama specialist Lauren Jansen-Parkes has been recruited along with Lila Kossyvaki, a Lecturer in Severe and Profound Learning Disabilities from our partners at the University of Birmingham (not in the photo as she was taking it). We had apologies from our other member, Judy Hartwell, who worked at Victoria school until retiring a few years ago and very much look forward to hearing her ideas throughout the rest of the project.

We established a plan for the first few months, as we recruit volunteers in the five schools to work with us. We looked at materials for doing the interviews with former pupils and how we explain the project to those who will be involved in easy read format.

It was a really productive meeting and everyone contributed some great ideas, squeezing a lot of work into 90 minutes! We have some really exciting plans for this project and a lot of very talented and motivated people who will make it happen. It’s going to be a great two years.

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