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First, I met Joe Peacock, he works for a charity called CASBA, this charity helps people who have special needs. This project is designed to help people share their stories and experiences with other people. During the project, I also met Jennifer and I started to practice the interviewing skills, before starting the recordings.
I started to get the hang of the techniques for the interview skills. I started to interview lots of people to find out about the history based on Mayfield school and other important factors during the time period. I went to Birmingham Library, to do a quiz and answer some questions, based on the past of the city.
I found some of the things we saw at the library interesting because it talks about what’s happened in the past, and the impact on Birmingham’s history over time.
We met other schools who took part in the project of learning about their school history, the history will be stored in the archives in the Birmingham Library.

Hassanain Qasim

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